With Servers Only $0.50/gb
For Minecraft, Garry’s Mod, Rust, Valheim, Unturned, and More

Find Out Why Others Are Making The Switch To Noot Hosting

How Are We So Cheap?

That’s the fist question, right? That’s why we’ve put it at the top, and the answer is really simple. We don’t charge you for what you don’t need, and smart planning.

– If you know what you’re doing with servers, then you don’t need a 24/7 support team

– If you’re backing up your files yourself, you don’t need daily backups

– We spend little money on advertisements or sponsorships

– We focused on needed features rather than fancy fluff

– No wasted resources. We divide up our recourses smartly, not wasting it, and then charging you for our bad planning.

– We don’t do sales, or offer a cheeper first month. We offer the best price possable all the time.

– We’re not greedy


Powerful Hardware

All our servers some with powerful hardware and DDoS protection to keep your server ticking smoothly.

Basic Plan – $0.50/gb 
Intel Xeon E5-1630v3 @ 3.7Ghz [Or Equilvant]
DDR4 2133MHz ECC Memory
Unmetered SSD Storage

Pro Plan – $1/gb
Intel i9-9900K/ Xeon-E 2288G @ 5Ghz [Or Equilvant]
DDR4 2666MHz ECC Memory
Unmetered NVMe SSD


We want to be real with you. Our server specs are not on some hidden FAQ page, we don’t make claims that we can’t back with facts, and there is nothing nasty hidden on our ToS.

See, some hosts claim they have the most powerful specs, or that their prices are unrivalled. That’s just not true. Unless us being here is some odd dream… I’ll pinch myself just to make sure. Nope, I think I’m awake.

We’re also fully transparent about our servers. We display our node stats publicly. This allows you to see if we’re overselling our servers, our server uptime, and check our specs.

If you have any question about Noot Hosting and how we operate, just ask

The Panel

The panel is important. You don’t want some clunky mess to navigate when using your server. Our panel is based on a modified version of the pterodactyl panel.

Our panel comes with one-click modpack installers, backup manager, plugins manager, subdomain manager, built-in help videos, server importer, and so much more.

We’ve focused on bringing features to our panel that really matter. We’re also always updating and improving.


72 Hour Money Back

We hope you love what we offer here a Noot Host, but just in case you don’t, we offer a 72 hours money-back guarantee. That means if you just want to test our service or feel everything we offer is too good to be true, you can rest easy knowing a refund is a click away.

We’ve made it simple to get a refund. There’s no questions, offers, or hidden terms.